On June 5th, 2019, we founded FALGAGEN.
In the last 366 days, we have built up 9 partnerships with customers, with always the same idea in mind: set-up a healthy relationship with our partners.

Healthy partnership means for us: a balanced approach of our mission where both teams are working together in transparency, and in full confidence to openly talk when it is going well or wrong. With only one goal at this end: ensure that our partner gets what he or she has come to get.
As of today, our team has initiated the conception and development of over 10 medical devices based on Hyaluronic Acid, we have supported strategic scientific decisions, thanks to the competences we gathered and a fully equipped formulation and analytical laboratory in the heart of the HA Valley.

This day is a kind of appreciation day for us to tell our partners THANK YOU for your trust, and to tell them we’ll keep being present on their side to provide them with a high quality work and support in their growth strategy.

Let’s pave the way of this starting second year to continue providing innovation & quality for patients, and authenticity & respect in business relations.

Thomas & Alexandre & Gautier

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