& Chief Technology Officer

After graduating from Lyon University as a Chemist specialised in Biopolymers, I have accrued 25 years of experience through various R&D roles. I was involved as an engineer in the R&D department of MedicalGroup in Lyon. During my time there, I developed an ankle prosthesis and worked on hydroxyapatite plasma projection.
Following that enriching experience, I joined HPToxLab to develop analytical methods. There, I worked on tablet coating based on biopolymers. I dedicated my work to researching clinical toxicology in humans. Since 2008, I have been working in the incredible world of Hyaluronic Acid. It turns out that I have never left the field, there is so much to accomplish still!
Having been part of several companies in Hyaluronic Acid such as Anteis, Aptissen and SyrHA, I have developed Hyaluronic-based products dedicated to Aesthetics, Orthopedics and Ophthalmology fields.
Thanks to these experiences, the time has come to play a valuable role in serving the HA industry through Falgagen with Thomas and Gautier. I am glad to contribute to the field and to provide patientse with benefits in many medical and aethetic applications.